Dr. Ahmet Kaplan presided over the panel of “Expert Group Meeting on Digital Transformation”


Dr. Ahmet Kaplan presided over the panel of “Expert Group Meeting on Digital Transformation” organized by Statistical, Economic and Social Research and Training Centre for Islamic Countries (SESRIC) linked to Organization of Islamic Cooperation. He also delivered a speech entitled “Technical Issues, Digital Transformation Infrastructures, Security, e-services and Blockchain Technology”.

Dr. Çetin Ali Dönmez gave a speech about Bitcoin

Dr. Çetin Ali Dönmez talked about the crypto currency market in the Leading Knowledge Series organized by Turkish Airlines Aviation Academy. Dr. Dönmez discussed the paramount importance and potential threats of this new trend.

Digital money is based on the encryption method. It is created and transferred without the intervention of a banking system.

Dr. Ahmet Kaplan gave a presentation about Blockchain


Dr.Ahmet Kaplan gave a presentation on “What’s the Impact of Blockchain on Enterprises” in the seminar titled “New Trends in Business: Blockchain and Digital Currency (Bitcoin)” organized by the Department of Management of the Faculty of Political Sciences of Medeniyet University.

In his presentation, Kaplan expressed the technical infrastructure of the blockchain, its impact on business, new business areas and different approaches to paradigm shifting.

78th Annual Conference of Academy of Management




Prof. Ekrem Tatoglu participated 78th Annual Conference of Academy of Management on 10-14 August 2018 at Chicago and presented 2 papers titled as “Linking Environmental Management Practices with Organizational Performance: The Mediating Effect of Environmental Performance” and “Business Analytics and Firm Performance: The Mediating Role of Business Process Performance”.

New Publications from our Faculty Members are in press now


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2- Glaister, A. J., Aydin, G. K., Tatoglu, E., Demirbag, M. (2018). “HRM and Performance – The Role of Talent Management as a Transmission Mechanism in an Emerging Market Context”, Human Resource Management Journal, 28(1): 148-166 (Impact score: 2.147).

3- Yanikkaya, H., Gumus, N., Pabuccu, Y. U. (2018). “How Profitability Differs between Conventional and Islamic Banks: A Dynamic Panel Data Approach”, Pacific-Basin Finance Journal, 48: 99-111 (Impact score: 1.754).

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